Crafted Blocks

Some of the blocks every miner will want to make.

glass block


Glass blocks are made by cooking sand in a furnace.

Glass can be crafted into Glass Panes, which are much better or making windows and the like. Glass panes attach themselves to the block next to them when placed, so the first one you place will look a bit funny until you place one next to it. You’ll get the hang of it.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Stained Glass can be made by crafting glass with any available Dye.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass can be made into Stained Glass Panes.


MInecraft Doors

Wooden Doors

Wooden Door

This is your basic door. It can be opened or closed by either a right click, or a redstone signal. NPC Villagers can open and close these doors. On Hard Difficulty level, zombies can bash these doors down.

Doors can be made from any kind of wood, and each door looks different. Choose the right door to go with the style of your building. Spruce doors might look good on a mediaeval castle, but Acacia doors would better suit a modern house.

Iron Door

Iron Door

Iron doors are zombie-proof and villager-proof, but can only be opened by using a redstone signal.

Trap Door


These horizontal doors must be placed on the side of blocks. Trap doors can also be made from iron. Iron trapdoors can only be opened with a redstone signal.

Fence Gates

These are also zombie-proof, and can be handy for sealing off side-passages when exploring caves, as well as on the farm.

Fence Gate

Gates can be different colours (to match your fences) depending on which wood you use in the middle.

Furniture and Fittings

Crafting Table

Crating Table

This workbench is used to craft almost everthing else!



This is the standard container for all your stuff. Two chests placed side by side will combine to make a double chest.

Chests can’t be placed next to a Double Chest, but a Trapped chestcan be used i you need to place chests close together.



For sleeping in! Beds reset your spawn point (the place you will start again from i you die) and allow you skip the dangerous nighttime safely. More on beds.



Made from wood and books, this is not only decorative but also used for enchanting.



Used for cooking food, smelting ores, and making glass and bricks, amongst other things.

###Brewing Stand

Brewing Stand

For brewing potions!

Enchantment Table

Enchanting Table

Made from obsidian, diamonds and a book, this is needed for enchanting items, or for making enchanted books.



For repairing items, and combining enchantments.

Armor Stand

Armor Stand

Armor Stands are special blocks that can hold your armour, as well as other items such as mob heads and pumpkins.

Armor stands can be placed in any orientation, like signs.

Armor stands obey gravity: if you break the block beneath them they will fall down, and if you place them on a slab, they will fall down and sit nicely on the slab.

Armor stands can be moved around using minecarts or water.

Armor Stand

To place items on an armor stand:
right click whilst holding an item that can go on the stand: armour, pumpkins or mob heads.
To remove an item from an armor stand:
right click with an empty hand.
To break the stand so you can pick it up again:
double-click with the left button.



A reward for beating the Wither.



For blowing stuff up!

Storage Blocks

Many items can be made into storage blocks for more compact storage. In some cases, these blocks also have uses, such as iron blocks in making anvils, or redstone blocks as power sources.

These blocks can be made from iron, gold, diamond, lapis lazuli, emerald and redstone.


Slime Blocks

Slime Blocks are crafted from Slime Balls. Slime blocks are bouncy: you can fall on them from any height and instead of taking damage you will bounce.

Holding down the jump key as you land will reduce the height of your bounce.

When slime blocks are pushed around by pistons they will affect nearby blocks and items. Blocks next to the slime block will stick to it and move with it iff possible.

Redstone Blocks

See the Redstone Pages for all the redstone-related blocks.