Here are the available enchantments in the game.

Some enchantments are available at different strength levels.


##Armour Enchantments

The Protection enchantment is effective against all types of damage, but the specific enchantments are stronger: if you’re fighting Skeletons, Projectile Protection IV will be better than Protection IV.


Makes your armour more protective. Max level IV.

Fire Protection

Reduces damage from fire; reduces the length of time you stay on fire. Max level IV.

Blast Protection

Reduces the effects of explosions. Max level IV.

Projectile Protection

Reduces damage from arrows and fireballs. Max level IV.


##Helmet Enchantments

###Aqua Affinity

Allows you to break blocks more quickly when underwater (works better when standing on the bottom than when swimming).


Increases the length of time you can stay underwater before drowning. Max level III.


##Chestpiece Enchantments


A chance of damaging your enemies when they attack you. Max level III. The level affects the chance of doing damage, not how much damage.


##Boot Enchantments

###Feather Falling

This enchantment reduces the damage you take when you fall. Max level III.

###Depth Strider

Reduces the amount that water slows down your movements by 1/3 per level. With Level II you can swim in water as fast as you cna walk on land.


Sword Enchantments


Increases damage dealt. Max level V.


Increases damage dealt to “undead” enemies (Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Skeletons and the Wither).

Bane of Arthropods

Increases damage dealt to spiders and silverfish. Max level V.


Increases the distances enemies are knocked back when you hit them. Max level II.

Fire Aspect

Sets the target on fire. Max level II. Use this on your farm animals and they will drop cooked meat! Not so useful in the Nether whaere most of the bad guys are immune to fire.


Mobs will drop more loot &emdash very useful when killing your farm animals for meat or leather. Max level III.


Bow Enchantments


Increases the damage dealt by your arrows. Max level V.


Increases the distances enemies are knocked back when you hit them. Max level II.


Fires flaming arrows, which cause extra damage and can set off TNT. Max level II.


Firing your bow doesn’t use up arrows. You still need to carry at least one arrow with you, though.


Tool Enchantments


Increases the speed of mining, digging or chopping. Max level V. An Efficiency V shovel shifts sand and gravel so fast you won’t believe it, and mining obsidian becomes almost bearable with an Efficiency V pickaxe.

Silk Touch

Certain blocks that normally turn into something else when mined can be collected with a Silk Touch tool. For example, grass would normally be turned into dirt, but you can use a silk touch tool to collect grass blocks (great if you want to grow a lawn underground or in the Nether).

Other blocks that can be collected with Silk Touch include Glass blocks and Panes, Ice, Mycelium, huge mushroom blocks and all kinds of ore.


Increases the drop rate of items from blocks. Max Level III.

This enchantment lets you get more items from blocks that turn into items when mined, such as diamonds, emeralds, coal, redstone, lapis lazuli, glowstone, melons and flint. A Fortune III shovel turns all of the gravel you dig into flint.


Increases the durability of your enchanted item, making it last much longer. Max level III.

Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod Enchantments

Two enchantments are available for fishing rods.


Decreases the length of time you have to wait for a bite when fishing.

Luck of the Sea

Makes you more likely to cath good stuff and less likely to catch junk.

Enchanting Other Items

Some of these enchantments can be applied to other items if you use an Anvil to transfer them from an Enchanted Book.


Unbreaking can be applied to all types of Armour and Weapons, as well as Hoes, Shears, Flint and Steel and Fishing Rods.


Shears can be enchanted with Silk Touch &emdash useful for collecting cobwebs.


Axes can be given all of the Sword enchantments.


Thorns can be applied to Helmets, Leggings and Boots.