About Minecraft

What is Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a unique game, that combines the creativity of Sim-type games with fantasy and adventure elements. Minecraft is a bit like playing with Lego, and it’s also a bit like World of Warcraft.

You can play solo on your own machine, or log onto one of thousands of servers run by Minecraft fans around the world.

Mostly, Minecraft is whatever you want it to be. An adventure, a creative sandbox, or a bit of both; a shared experience or a solo one.

Where can I get Minecraft?

Minecraft is availabe for Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers, and is available here:


Minecraft Pocket Edition

Versions of Minecraft are available from the iTunes and Android app stores.

Minecraft Xbox Edition

A version for Xbox 360 is available from the Xbox Live marketplace.

Similar Games

Due to the popularity of Minecraft, there are many similar games, of varying quality, some of which are just outright copies. Be sure you’re getting the right thing!