Minecraft Version 1.1 Update

Minecraft was updated to version 1.1 on January 12, 2012.

These are the highlights of what's new:

Bow Enchantments

Bows can now be enchanted. The available enchantments are:


Arrows do more damage.


Fire flaming arrows that do extra damage to the bad guys.


Knocks your target back when hit.


This provides ever-lasting ammo as long as you have at least one arrow in your inventory.

Apples and Golden Apples

Apples now grow on trees! When leaf blocks from oak trees are destroyed or decay, there is a chance of a nice red apple dropping.

The recipe for Golden Apples has changed so that it now uses much less gold, and with increased availability of apples, they are now practical to make. However, their health-giving effect has been reduced, too.

Down on the Farm

Farmland is more resistant to trampling

You can now walk around on your crop sand farmland; they will only be ruined by being jumped on.

Sheep Regrow Wool

Sheep now eat grass and regrow wool after being sheared. As long as your sheep have access to grass, your farm will no longer be full of useless naked sheep thta you feel bad about killing!

Pumpkins and Melons

Pumpkins and elons will now grow on dirt or grass, as well as farmland. (The seeds still need to be planted on farmland, but the fruit will grow on adjacent squares whether they're dirt, grass or farm).

Changes to Creative Mode

In Creative Mode, you now have access to eggs which hatch into all the different kinds of mobs.

New Kinds of World

When creating new worlds, you now have an option of a "super-flat" world, which may be useful if you want to build a large structure.

New Languages

Minecraft has now been translated into a number of languages, including Pirate.

Minor Changes

There have been cosmetic changes to the boundaries between biomes, and coastlines are more likely to have beaches. The way you fences and ladders work has been altered slightly.

Magma cubes now drop Magma Cream when killed (a useful potion ingredient), and the time it takes to brew a potion has been reduced. You might now find chests with useful items when you explore new villages.

A bug has been fixed so that the Sniper Duel achievement is now achievable!