What's New in Minecraft 1.2.4?

Minecraft was updated on March 22 2012, bringing bugfixes and a few minor cosmetic changes.

Cat behaviour is now more realistic: they will climb up on beds, chest and furnaces and generally get in the way.

There are many improvements to the chat system in the multiplayer game.

Wooden Planks

Different types of wood now produce differently-coloured planks.

Minecraft wooden planks

Jungle, Oak, Birch and Pine planks, possibly not in that order.

Each type of plank will have to be stacked separately in your chests or inventory.

Objects made from planks, such as stairs or slabs, will all be the same colour as the old 'standard' planks, and planks of different colours can be mixed when making them.

New decorative sandstone blocks.

New Sandstone in Minecraft

A new kind of block with a creeper face and runes/symbols/hieroglyphs can be made with 4 sandstone blocks:

Sandstone block

…and another new decorative block can be made with sandstone slabs:

Sandstone block

Remember that sandstone blocks can be mined, or made from 4 blocks of sand!