Minecraft version 1.6


Minecraft 1.6 is here! This update brings us rideable horses, and name tags and leads for our pets. There are quite a few other changes too.

How to get it

This time, Minecraft will not update automatically

Head on over to Mojang's website and download the development launcher and snapshot.

What's New in 1.6?

Here's a quick rundown of the newfeatures in Minecraft 1.6.


Rideable horses! The pigs will be sad, because now there's something better.

Also on the tame animal front: leads and name tags.

New Blocks


Crafted from wool.

Minecraft Carpet

The carpet can be made from any colour wool, but both blocks must be the same.

Hardened Clay

Stained Clay

A new, colourful building material. Read more here.

Hay Bales

Like storage blocks for wheat, these are great for feeding horses.

Coal Blocks

Black blocks of coal.

Gameplay Changes

Do you hate trying to get rid of lava after a spillage? Now it's easier!

The way being full of food heals you has changed slightly, so now you will need a little bit more food.

Treasure chests can now be found in Nether Fortresses.

The longer you stay in one area, the tougher the local mobs will get. (They get more armour and weapons, with better enchantments).

The Bad News

The recipes for Glistering Melon and Golden Apples now use more gold.

Bad news for Nether Fortresses

Due to a change in the way fortresses are generated, Wither Skeletons and Blazes will no longer spawn in your existing Nether Fortresses. If you want to hunt them, you'll have to explore new parts of the Nether (or start a new world).

Technical Changes

As mentioned above, there's a new launcher to download.

Texture Packs have been replaced by Resource Packs, which can change the game's sounds as well as graphics.