Minecraft 1.7

Minecraft version 1.7 brings a lot of changes, mostly to the way the world is generated. It was released on October 25th 2013.

Dramatic scenery in Minecraft

Terrain and Biome changes

New Biomes

There are a number of new biomes to explore! There are new biomes, including Savannah, Mesa and Roofed Forest, and also changes to some old biomes.

Mesa Biome

The new Mesa biome.

The new Savannah biome

The new Savannah biome

The new biomes bring some new blocks: red sand in the Mesa biome, and a new kind of dirt called Podzol in a new biome called Maega Taiga.



Flowers and plants in Minecraft 1.7.



Thre are lots of new flowers to pick; all of which can be turned into dyes.



All the tree types in Minecraft 1.7.

There are new trees too; Acacia in Savannah biomes, Dark Oak in Roofed Forests and a new, tall type of Spruce in Taiga biomes. And that means two new types of wood, too.



Fishing will be more fun with three new types of fish to catch, enchanted fishing rods and assorted junk and treasure to catch.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Beautiful new building materials made by combining glass with dyes. You can make stained glass into panes too.

Stained glass panes

Other changes

Nether Portals can now be built in a variety of shapes and sizes.

A lot of bugs have been fixed, includng the one that causes black shadows on the side of your hills.