Minecraft Walkthrough

This page shows you how to use the guides on this site to reach the end of the game and defeat the final boss. You can also use the achievements system as a sort of built-in walkthrough, but not all of the achievements are necessary.

Build a Shelter

The guide to surviving your first night will get you off to a good start.

Establish Basic Resources


The first thing you’ll need is to secure a source of food.

A simple wheat farm will do the trick - build it underground under torchlight for safety.


It makes sense to also build a safe, underground tree farm.

Once you have wood and food sources underground, you can stay in your mine until you have iron armour and weapons and a bow and arrows. No need to fight monsters n the surface until you’re ready.

Do Some Mining

Start digging!

At first you mostly want iron, for tools and armour and to make a bucket to carry water to improve your farm.

Next you want to dig down towards bedrock to establish a proper mine. Avoid underground structures on the way, or explore them and have adventures, it’s up to you.

Your main goal is diamonds, however, and that means mining or exploring deep underground, near bedrock.

Into The Nether

Once you have diamonds, you can mine some Obsidian, build a Nether Portal and head into The Nether to fight some Blazes.

Be sure you are well-equipped first: iron or diamond weapons, and a bow and arrows.

Prepare for the End

Find a Stronghold and activate the End Portal. You may need to spens some time hunting Endermen at this point; that’s OK, you’re well-armed and armoured by now!

Equip yourself with top quality armor and weapons. Maybe some potions. And plenty of arrows!

The End

Venture through the End Portal and take on the Boss.