Sleeping in a bed performs two functions in Minecraft:

  • It allows you to skip to the next morning - useful if you want to do something outdoors.
  • It resets your spawn point, so that if you die you will return to the bed, rather than your original spawn. This could save you a long walk!

Making a bed

You need 3 planks of wood, and 3 blocks of wool (any colour will do).

Crafting a bed

Wool is obtained from sheep; you get one block of wool if you kill a sheep, but it’s better to wait until you have some iron make some shears so you can shear the sheep instead. Sheared sheep provide 2&endash;5 blocks of wool, and the sheep lives to grow more wool for another day! Plus you don’t feel so mean.


Get into bed by right-clicking it; this is only possible at night-time. If monsters are nearby, the attempt will fail.

Attempting to sleep on a bed placed in the Nether causes an explosion. Don’t do it!


(Why is there a whole page about beds? Because the subject used to be far more complicated!)