How to Hunt Endermen

One of the harder items to get in Minecraft is the Ender Pearls that are sometimes dropped by Endermen when you kill them. You need a bunch of these to open a portal to The End. This tutoerial shows the easiest way to get them.

Find a Location

The best place to hunt Endermen is in the desert, because you can see them against the light sand at night.

Find a flat area or a hill-top that allows you to see a long way.

Build a Hunting Lodge

Hunting Endermen to get Ender Pearls

This is a wall enclosing a large, well-lit area that mobs can't spawn in.

Endermen hunting lodge

The outside of the wall has an overhang to stop spiders climbing up.

The inside of the wall has a bigger overhang, and the space underneath is 2 blocks high, so you can stand under them but the tall Endermen can't get to you.

Don't forget to put torches on top of the wall as well as on the ground inside!

Hunting Endermen

Wait for night to fall, then climb up on your wall. When you see an Enderman, make eye contact (look straight at him so that your crosshairs are over him.

Eyeball the Enderman

The Enderman will come closer to attack you. Scary!

Attract the Enderman

What you want to do now is jump down and get under the rook you have built. When the Enderman comes inside you hunting lodge, you will be able to attack him but he won't be able to get to you.

Ender Pearl

Defeat your enemy, and hope he drops an Ender Pearl!

Ender Pearl