Ender Chests

Ender Chest

Ender Chests are like cloud storage for your stuff. Whatever you place in them can be accessed from any other Ender Chest you place. You might choose to to keep one in your base, one in your mine, and one in the Nether.

Crafting Recipe

Ender Chest Crafting Recipe

Ender chests are made by crafting an Eye of Ender with Obsidian.

To get an Eye of Ender, craft Blaze Powder (made from Blaze Rods which you can obtain by killing Blazes in the Nether) with an Ender Pearl (obtained by killing an Enderman) . You can also sometimes buy an Eye of Ender from a Priest in an NPC Village.

Destroying Ender Chests

If you break an Ender Chest, you will only get 8 blocks of Obsidian back; you will need anothe Eye of Ender to make a new one.

If you destroy an Ender Chest, the items inside are not dropped but remain in storage. If you destroy all your Ender Chests, you can get your stuff back by placing a new one.