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New Foods in Minecraft 1.9

Mar 9, 2016

Minecraft version 1.9 brings a few new food types to the game.

beetroot Beetroot

Beetroot is a new crop that you might find in Villages, or grow from seeds found in a chest. Raw beetroot is not very nutritious, similar to a raw potato.

beetroot Beetroot Soup

6 Beetroots and a wooden bowl will get you a bowl of Beetroot Soup.

Beetroot Soup

This, along with Mushroom Stew, is the best vegetarian food there is in terms of satisfying hunger.

Golden Apple Golden Apples

Golden Apples seem to change every time Minecraft is updated!

Golden Apple

This time around:

  • The crafting recipe for a normal Golden Apple has changed back to what it was a few versions ago.
  • In addition to restoring 4 hunger points, a Golden Apple will give you two magical effects: Absorption (like bonus health) and Regeneration.
  • Enchanted Golden Apples can no longer be crafted, but might be found as treasure.
  • Enchanted Golden Apples will give you even better Absorption and Regeneration, plus Fire Resistance and Resistance (reduces damage).
  • A Golden Apple is part of the Igloo Adventure that you might encounter in cold biomes.

Chorus Fruit Chorus Fruit

The new Outer Islands in The End have their own new food, Chorus Fruit. It’s kind of a medium-value food, but it also has the side-effect of teleporting you a short distance when you eat one. This makes the Chorus Fruit useful when fighting the new End mob, the Shulker: if you are hit by a Shulker you will start to rise into the air and a Chorus Fruit will let you teleport back down.