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Fighting the Ender dragon in Minecraft 1.9

Mar 1, 2016

One of the big changes in Minecraft 1.9 is the fight against the Ender Dragon that is the big boss fight in the game.

If you have played this fight other systems such as, Xbox, you will have some understanding of the changes, but now it has hotten harder.

Our full guide to winning this fight can be found here but here is a quick list of the changes.


The layout of the End has changed. Now the central platform has a circle of obsidian End Spikes, with an End Crystal on top of each one. Two of the End Crystals — the ones on the lowest spikes — are surrounded by iron cages.

Exit Portal

The Exit Portal is now present in the centre of the circle at all times, but is only activated when you kill the Ender Dragon.

The Dragon

The Dragon now divides its time between flying around the End Spikes and hovering over the exit portal. As before, the Dragon will receive healing from Ender Crystals.

The big difference now is that the Dragon is more active in attacking you.

In addition to bashing you with his head or wings, the Dragon will now use his breath and fireballs to attack you.

The Tactics

The tactics haven’t changed a lot; it’s just a bit harder.


You will need to climb up some of the End Spikes to destroy the Crystals, so bring lots of ladders. The two lowest spikes need to be climbed so you can break the iron bars protecting the End Crystal. The rest of the End Crystals can be shot with a bow from ground level if you’re a good shot, but it might be easier to climb some of the other pillars too.


If you do lots of climbing, it’s likely you’ll do lots of falling as the Dragon knocks you about. Enchant your boots with Feather Falling and/or practice using a bucket of water to reduce fall damage.

The Kill

Once the crystals have been destroyed, taking out the Dragon isn’t too hard. Because it spends a good deal of its time hovering low over the Exit Portal, you can stand in that area, avoiding its head, wings and breath attack, and hit it with a sword.

The Rewards

When you defeat the Ender Dragon, you will get:

Also, if you bring some empty glass bottles with you, you will be able to collect Dragon’s Breath for brewing potions.

Rinse and Repeat

You can spawn a new Ender Dragon by crafting four End Crystals and placing them around the Exit Portal.