Controls and Keyboard

    The main controls are configurable, with the defaults shown below:

    Minecraft controls


    Use the keyboard (W, A,S,D) to move forwards, backwards, left and right. Use the mouse to control the direction you are facing. Use the space bar to jump.


    To move faster, give the W key a double-tap.


    Hold down shift to sneak. Sneaking prevents you from falling off ledges: essential when building bridges and towers! It also allows you to walk on farmland without messing it up.

    Tip: If you want to click outside the minecraft window, perhaps to read this website while playing, press 'E' to open the inventory screen. The game will continue to run in the background.


    Using Items

    Items in the toolbar can be selected using keys 1–9.

    Use the E key to open or close your inventory; when the inventory screen is up you can move items into and out of the toolbar.

    Use the Q key to drop the item you're holding on the floor.

    The left and right mouse buttons allow you to use items.

    The left button causes you to hit something with whatever you are holding, eg to hit a foe with your sword, or to dig with a pickaxe.

    The right button causes you to 'use' the item you are holding. This often involves placing the item, eg a block of stone or dirt, or a torch, but it is also used to shear a sheep, fill or empty a bucket, or open a door or chest.

    Tip: it's not always consistent!

    If clicking a mouse button doesn't do what you expect, try the other button! For instance, you can open a door with either button, but a gate requires a right-click. You shear a sheep with the right button, but clip leaves from a tree with the left.

    If you have a third mouse button, you can use it as a shortcut to select an item of the same kind as you are looking at from the toolbar, instead of using keys 1–9.


    There are several types of weapons you can fight with:


    Left click to attack, right click to parry


    Hold down the right mouse button to draw, and release to fire. The longer you hold the button, the more powerful the shot.


    You can throw missiles such as eggs, snowballs and potions with a right click.

    Creative Mode

    In creative mode, you can fly! Double-tap the space bar to start flying: now pressing space will move you upwards, and shift will move you downwards.

    Multiplayer Commands

    T and TAB are used to interact with other players in the multiplayer game

    Other Keys

    The function keys are used as follows in beta versions of the game:

    F1 Hide/Unhide the user interface
    F2 Take a screenshot
    F3 Debug Mode
    F5 Toggle between normal first-person and not-very-useful third-person views.
    F8  Toggle mouse smoothing
    F10 Is supposed to give the cursor control back to the OS but is not useful; if you need to mouse out of the Minecraft window, it's better just to hit 'E' to bring up the inventory screen.
    F11 Buggy full-screen mode. It's probably better to use the OS's controls to maximise the window instead.